Business Health Insurance

The success of your business owes a great deal to your staff. Illness and absence from work can have a big impact on winning contracts, delivering on time and making a profit. Heritage Health understands the importance that businesses place on staff and that’s why we have access to the very best Business Medical Insurance. Having a plan through Heritage Health will ensure your staff absence through illness is kept to a minimum.

Getting your staff treated quickly and back to health is the primary focus of a Business Medical Insurance plan. Not only will your plan through Heritage Health get your staff seen and treated quickly, it will also help you understand how you can encourage employees to stay fitter and healthier for longer. A healthier workforce, less claims and a more cost effective Business Medical Insurance plan are important benefits.

Having a well-designed Business Medical Insurance plan can:

  • Provide staff with access to the best treatment at the best hospitals
  • Reduce absence through illness
  • Encourage staff to stay fit and healthier with rewards for doing so
  • Provide your business with a competitive edge when recruiting
  • Increase productivity
  • Strengthen your reputation as the employer of choice

Heritage Health will provide you with the very best choice of plans suitable for your businesses needs.