Personal Health Insurance

Personal Private Medical Insurance is an insurance product which can provide full or limited cover towards the cost of being treated privately should an eligible medical condition occur.

Having a Personal Private Medical Insurance in place offers a range of benefits over treatment received from the National Health Service (NHS).

Often people consider Private Medical Insurance because it offers:

  • Immediate referral to a specialist to find out what’s wrong
  • Treatment at a time that suits you, no waiting around to be seen
  • Choice of the very best hospitals, consultants, treatment and surgery
  • A private hospital room with personal facilities
  • Access to the latest drugs and treatments which may not be available on the NHS

Different plans will offer varying degrees of cover. Talk to Heritage Health and we will help you understand the different plans available and ensure your plan is right for you.

Heritage Health has access to providers who can cover you for existing conditions which you may have. We work closely with many providers to ensure the plan we recommend is just right for you. If we can’t match all your needs, we will make it very clear so you know.

If you have a Personal Private Medical Plan and you have not had a review in last 12 months there is a strong possibility you cover could be better and your premium could be lower.